Ukraine To Invest $2bn Manufacturing, Agro-Processing Equipment In Nigeria


This formed one of the outcomes of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and also Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) in a Business Forum in Abuja.

Kayode noted the Ukrainian has strong equipment in most sectors of the market, adding that Nigeria has markets to encourage the investment along with people and materials.
Determined by the worthiness of the investment, he said:

“We’re looking at a minimum of $2billion investment. We are talking about manufacturing across plank “

He underscored the necessity to manufacture services and products in Nigeria stabilise the market and to make jobs. According to him,”When we bring equipment for manufacturing, we’ll earn money. We are importer of virtually everything. “We have the market. We must manufacture here to create jobs for Nigerians. We have to go out to get the best in the soul of economic diplomacy. “What we have done today is to strengthen the economic diplomacy, a new policy initiative by government to bring global community into Nigeria and to bring government more into the private sector.

“We have signed MoU with Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce. The purpose of this is to attract their businessmen.

“We wish to do manufacturing, Ukraine has the powerful equipment. We have the people and raw materials.

“So, they are bringing their equipment to fabricate all their value chain in plastics, agriculture, agro-processing, metals, and amongst others in Nigeria. They have strengthened Nigeria’s business community.”

Also speaking, the Ambassador to Nigeria, Valerii Aleksandruk, praised the Business Forum initiative, adding that the relationship between both countries would be enlarged and deepened.


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