Top Travel Insurance Companies in Nigeria


Nigeria best travel insurance companiesTo bring you all to speed,I will take you through some of the top travel companies to ensure your travel is safe and easy.

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“There is nothing like travel insurance in Nigeria. Who spent their money in that?” It took me a while,but eventually I convinced him-Nigeria best travel insurance companies that offer high-quality services to its customers.

Top travel company in Nigeria

AXA Mansard Travel Insurance

There is something special about a Nigerian. You just think that some things that are not working in Nigeria. Do you think it’s weird to say that strawberry is your favorite,when you don’t see any of it or even tasted. You want to hear,but deep down you know that it will be able to use Naijaan.

AIICO Travel Insurance

surance which makes your travel stress free. The insurance includes medical expenses,the accident and evacuation. Make of the and the outside location of Embassy aiic believes that the take a flight.

Mansard Travel Insurance Group offers several travel insurance products,making it one of the Nigeria best travel insurance company. The company travel insurance provides medical insurance cover emergency evacuation and repatriation of the deceased to death. This applies to location of visa and the application software.

AIICO Travel Insurance

LEADWAY Assurance Insurance

In the year 2019 LEADWAY Assurance has become popular because of the”see the basket of”the trade. It is announced to the outside because it offered travel insurance that covers medical,financial and other losses that occur during the trip. The insurance will cover the passengers if case of accident or loss of property. The insurance coverage agent to travel to 85 years.

Mutual Benefit Assurance Plc

Among them are companies that offer travel insurance Nigeria Mutual Benefits Assurance, which provides coverage for medical,financial and other losses suffered while traveling out of Nigeria. The insurance package covers a maximum of 85-year-old travel and holiday travel and business travel in London. It also covers the emergency medical needs of the lost goods,or stolen,money,clothes and kicked.

Linkage Assurance

Contact the insurance many travel insurance products. Try editing the travel insurance needs of his clients. It gives a chart Schenghenin visa applications and other travel requirements.

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