Silicon Valley-Nigerian Economic Development (SV-NED) Inc Brings ICT Certifications to Nigeria


Silicon Valley Nigerian Economic Development Inc. is now a radical movement in Nigeria, that’s igniting the attention and optimism of young entrepreneurs, start-ups, and company owners. Chief Temitope Ajayi, President of Advisors of the Trade Union Congress of Nigeria, and Silicon Valley Black Chambers of Commerce.

The 2nd Nigeria Immersion Program is a part of a continuing ongoing collection of financial, business and technological advancement applications produced to promote and encourage industrial improvement and growth in Nigeria. The program is sponsored and driven mostly by Silicon Valley — Nigeria Economic Development (SV-NED Inc.), in enlarging venture with other Northern California tech companies.

Within the last year, the government of Nigeria has enhanced nationally electricity delivery by over 25%. Reserves have also improved and has introduced railroad systems which are intended to connect big cities beginning in Abuja. Since Nigeria continues on its own path of expansion in several locations greater chances are made for the usage in mainstream society, creation and growth of markets, the construction of partnerships, along with the growth of new companies.

SV-NED is now taking a leadership role in bringing forwards applications which can help companies and companies to get ready for involvement in Nigeria’s economic growth. Developing federal and global development contracts building partnerships with authorities and investing in new technology for the general public, personal, government, and business applications are achievement and expansion avenues which are opening up throughout the nation. The 2nd Immersion Program in Nigeria represents a significant part in attracting representatives of local and global companies, government agencies, educational institutions, and strategists of all kinds to seminars and workshops which offer in-depth presentations and discussion to assist participants re-imagine economic growth for Nigeria in several locations.

SV-NED will soon be introducing teachers, strategists, and business representatives from Silicon Valley’s Stanford University, New York University (NYU), University San Francisco (USF), and Morgan State University in Baltimore Maryland., in addition to Global technologies and business giants, that are operating in Nigeria to discuss new technologies, instruct new company growth theories, and current creative approaches to create partnerships for achievement both indoors Nigeria and outside. Additionally, these talks will produce a bridge of wealth by introducing participants of immersion application for eligibility for internship placements and fulltime 27, supplied by SV-NED. Please register for part of the move toward a new day to your own career and to the expansion that is operational.


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