Insurance brokers in Nigeria: who they are and their ranking


Nigerian insurance broker: who they are, and their ratingsThat is, the essence of a noble insurance broker should not be underestimated. This way you know where you’ll get the best value for your money, without having to do screen and weapons (trial and error). And from experience, and on the floor, and in attack can be very expensive.

An insurance broker is a specialist in insurance and risk management. They buy, order or negotiate insurance prices.

insurance broker in Nigeria

The difference between an insurance company and an insurance broker is in the Agent who is in the insurance company. They are usually men, someone trying to frame you, here and there, from time to time, will convince you to buy insurance if the broker represents you.

An insurance broker usually does not have an insurance company.

The best insurance brokers in Nigeria

No. 1. Kip Insurance Broker Company

They work with all classes of business insurance, including comments. Offer loans for industrial and commercial property risks, marine and air forces, energy, resources, risky and global risks, as well as other types of insurance covering risks.

The following insurance services are also offered::

Life insurance: they specialize in providing life insurance policies for individuals and businesses
Car insurance: offer comprehensive protection for the vehicle owner
Apartment insurance: you will have health benefits for home care.

#2. Mining Insurance Brokers Society

Built in 2003. this year, the Corporation of mountain-insurance Brokers specializes in insurance brokerage, risk management and consulting in the field of marine, oil and gas, aircraft engines, life insurance and General insurance.

#3. Mascot Insurance Brokers Society

It is a leading deal distributor, business, brokers, risk management consultants, life and retirement, health insurance expert, and requires a priest office.

Their insurance marketing services offer insurance to protect your property, employees and liabilities to negotiate with their insurers for reasonable rates, flexible terms and best discounts.

# 4 . NASCO Nigeria Insurance Brokers Society

I recommend risk strategies and solutions for clients. These activities include re-broker, insurance brokers and insurance contracts.

# 5 . Carrier Insurance Broker Company

Built in 1994, it is licensed by the National insurance Commission (naic) to provide all classes of insurance, and specialists in public sector management and private sector management.

Insurance services in them:# 5 . Carrier Insurance Broker Company

Professional liability insurance
State Liability Insurance
Group Life Insurance
Guarantee Of Fidelity Insurance
Money delivery insurance
Insurance of electronic equipment
Theft / Home Insurance
Fire / Long-Range Risk Insurance
travel insurance
Group Accident Insurance
Engineering insurance

# 6 . Nordlink Insurance Brokers

They help their clients identify the risk factors that need to be covered. After familiarization, the user decides what risks he has, and what he decided to transfer to the insurance contract.

Insurance they make up the majority of non-life insurance services, policies and coverage::

Fire, And Special Problems
Genuine Guarantee
carrying amount
Contractors From All Risks
motor insurance
Goods in transit
Group Accident
Car Accident
Producer responsibility
Computer / Electronic
social responsibility
Insurance brokers listed on some of Nigeria’s best complexes. However, you need to do the necessary research to determine where the broker will meet your needs.

At GetInsurance we will help you identify the insurance company and broker that is right for you.


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