Report of Investment Announcements in Nigeria in 2017


The Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission (NIPC) has published a choice of investment announcements in Nigeria covering the period of January to December 2017 totaling 66.36 billion US Dollars.A sector analysis of the announced investments indicated that petroleum & gas industry topped the chart manufacturing 18% and the energy industry 15%.The announcements covered 112 proposed jobs in the FCT and 27 States. Investments by businesses peaked at 16%, United States of America and Norway at 15 percent each, and China showing an active participation of companies paired.

The potential investment destination states include Rivers State with 18 percent, Bayelsa and Taraba State 10% of the projected investments. A additional analysis revealed that the top 10 announcements accounted for $43.1billion (US Dollars).The NIPC is faked, amongst other purposes, to give information about investment opportunities and sources of investment funds. The Commission disseminates, 6 days a week, an NIPC Intelligence Newsletter with Nigerian investment-related news.

The investment statements were chosen from the newsletters and summarized in a report, to provide advice to the public.Perhaps it doesn’t contain exhaustive information on all investment announcements in Nigeria during the period as the report is based on investment announcements cited in the Newsletters. NIPC has also verified the credibility of the investment statements.


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