Nigeria Open Investments


The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) operates a fair, orderly and transparent marketplace that brings​ together the best of African enterprises and investors from all over the world. To put money into our marketplace, investors can acquire securities in the marketplace when there are new offerings by trading in existing securities via our marketplace stage or by issuers.

the nigerian stock exchange

To buy securities in the secondary or primary market, an investor should appoint a securities dealer/stockbroker who is a registered Dealing Member of NSE to facilitate account opening and trading. Central Securities Clearing System Plc. (CSCS) is the accredited Central Depository, Clearing and Settlement of transactions in the Nigerian capital market. To start trading accounts, investors need to submit for their traders, documents that fulfill the regulatory Know-Your-Client (KYC) requirements (Contact your dealer/stockbroker for advice ).

Investors (domestic and overseas ) that want to trade on NSE may elect to hold assets domiciled with CSCS directly beneath their appointed dealer or via a certified domestic custodian as manufactured by these (Please direct and indirect account arrangements below​).

In choosing the right broker to represent your interests as an investor, you need to confirm the broker’s standing together with the NSE and SEC. The NSE also urges investors and the broker-dealer firm meet to determine whether match their needs. Custodians and stockbrokers have a duty to their clients which implies safekeeping and direction.​​ ​

​The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) has provided this information as an educational service to investors. The information provided is not a legal representation of policy coverage. Inve​stors who have questions about the meaning or application of some of the information supplied should check with a stockbroker, investment advisor or financial advisor.​


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