Netherlands Nigeria Deepen Economic Cooperation


Netherlands’ authorities will work to enhance investments and economic cooperation.

Petri stated Netherlands government recognized the significance of agriculture industry, saying the industry is a priority in Nigeria using all the massive chances there.

Netherlands Nigeria Deepen Economic Cooperation

He added that this is the reason why the Netherlands government wish to key and enlarge their investment in the nation.

“We intend to intensify our cooperation in various field especially in Agriculture. There are opportunities there. It’s the priority of the Nigeria authorities and we’ve got something to provide from the industry,” he explained.

When commending the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), Petri noted that the Netherlands authorities and Nigerian authorities must boost collaboration between the postings in Nigeria and also Amsterdam to further deepen its bilateral alliance.

“We’ve got lots of things to do collectively. We’re dwelling in crucial times and also the private industry lays an essential part in boosting economic development and deploying labour,” he explained.

The Ambassador noted that Nigerian was an very important country because its economy was among the greatest in Africa and greatest performing foreign exchange, having recorded two Dutch firms, Nigerian Breweries and Unilever, who were performing extremely available on the marketplace.

“In Netherlands, we understand just how important Nigeria is. We’re the third biggest investor and also the fourth biggest trading partner of Nigeria; we’ve got significant financial interest in this nation,” he added.


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