Hotforex Review 2019


Hotforex is one of the best Forex brokers in Nigeria. Offer low spreads, FCA and fsca regulated above, very good support, local funding / withdrawal options as well as mobile trading is available with them. Read our full Hotforex review to find out why you can be the best broker for you!

HotForex is a very popular European Forex broker in Nigeria. It is established in 2010 & local office in Nigeria and support. They serve more than 1.3 million merchants around the world.

Hostforex is highly reactive broker (Regulated by FCA, CySEC, FSCA), so we believe that the addition of tea and trading with them is very safe. Serves retail and institutional customers in 20 markets, offering more than 140 active options, including energy, metals, Forex and CFDs.

Our comprehensive approach of Hotforex we provide company account types, as well as trading fees, platform, ease of entry and receipt of funds, customer support, as well as bonus offers and much more.


Advantages Of Hotforex

The upper part of the Hotforex regulator are FCA (UK), FSCA (South Africa) and CYSEC (Cyprus). This means that trading with them is very safe.
Its prevalence is very low. Usually it is 1.2 point of EUR / USD with micro-and reward account and 0.3 point with zero account.
Availability of Hotforex Naira account local and ways to Deposit / receive funds. They also offer a quick release of funds.
The best 100% Deposit bonus for new customers, but you need to make a minimum Deposit of 30,000 to get the bonus.
Excellent customer service is available by phone, chat and email. It is available 24/5.
Disadvantages Of Hotforex

We have not found bad things about Hotforex. We are updating it, it is based on our constant testing and feedback from users.Hotforex review 2019

Regulation & Safety of Funds

HotForex is regulated and licensed by high regulators in the islands of the UK, Cyprus, South Africa, St Vincent and grenadine and the Seychelles.

Check the following regulators:

FCA (The Financial Conduct Authority (United Kingdom): Hf Markets (UK) Ltd. In the UK, the FCA license number 14/11/2018 801701 is checked.DFSA (Dubai Financial Services Authority): HF markets (DIFC) Ltd with Dubai Financial Services Administration. Manage license number F004885 from 12-Dec-2018.
FSCAB (financial regulation and sector supervision (South Africa)): according to licence number 46632 in the market of HF sa (PTI) co., Ltd.- FSC check from 09. February to 2016.
FSA (Financial Services Authority (Iran)): Seychelles Financial Services Administration, HF markets (Iran) Ltd. Sd015 license number Management.
The company has acquired a license to participate in the business, financial, credit, payment, credit, trade, service activities and other businesses, and also provides mediation training and managed services in the areas of leadership accounts for currencies, commodities, indices, CFD and control financial devices.

Client money invested on the Website is secured under the control of trusted agencies of the company. In addition, Hotforex offers insurance in the event of any security case, in terms of the client’s money.

All these features make the HotForex trading platform safe and reliable. According to our research, the security and security features of HotForex are the best in business.


It is also important to explore if they will charge the broker a hidden fee. Some brokers charge additional hidden fees for the processing of funds, annual fees, etc.Sh .. Name. We also want to work on it.

During the study, we found Hotforex is a small fee frequent all regulated brokers in the market.

Here is a breakdown of Hotforex rates.

Very tight spread: of all the forex brokers that we have compared so far, Hotforex is a small spread of majors, namely EUR / USD (1.2 points, even if a micro Account, Premium account & as low as 0.1 points, a score of zero) normal market trading conditions. If you’re looking for a cheap broker, Hotforex is at the top.The difference in the deposit / withdrawal fee: Hotforex does not charge deposits and withdrawals payments. You will receive 100% of your deposit and the total amount at the time of withdrawals.
Committees that do not have an account: Hotforex charge only for an account. The rate of $ 3 per standard lot Trade ($1.5 opening & $ 1.5 during the closure of the station) majors, and is $ 4 for minors.
We have found that Hotforex offers the smallest spread of all the Nigerian current regulated Forex brokers. We recommend them strictly for nigerian traders to your total of payments.

Type of HotForex Accounts

Hotforex offers its customers a wide range of types of accounts. There are six main accounts provided by the company: Micro, premium, zero, Auto, PAMM and Hfsopy.

Here are the features of all account types in Hotforex:
One of them. Knight account: traders in Nigeria can open the Hotforex account, choose NGN as their base currency. You can also choose dollars or euros as standard base currency in addition to Nigerian Naira.
Here’s an overview of all the Live account types available on Hotforex:

Micro account (investment 1800): these are accounts. Very small minimum deposit $ 5 (1800), Max. Leverage 1: 1000, access to all trading instruments (forex, Sryptosurensies, stocks, commodities). You can trade in micro batches on this account, the rate of margin calls is 40%, and the rate of stop losses is 10%. This commission accounts for zero, and only tax variable spreads per trade.
Premium accounts (recommended with advance 35000): these are accounts. A very small minimum deposit of $ 100 ($35,000). With a Premium account (normal spread of 1.2 pips to EUR / USD)compared to Micro accounts, spread specialization and other currency pairs, but also with a small Max. Leverage is. And down at 1: 500. And you can also benefit from 100% deposit bonus with this account.
Zero account (recommended very low spread): the deposit to this account is $200 & Max. Leverage you can get 1: 500. But the big benefit with this calculator is that you can place trades with almost zero spread on major/minor pairs. The only fee for this fee based on the account size per lot, and the total fee for trading with this account is much lower. We recommend that ssalpers & high volume traders account places many traders daily.
Auto account: this account is for traders using expert advisors (eas) for MetaTrader or signals from mql5 community. The minimum deposit for this account is $ 200 (for example, 70,000) & not leverage. 1: 500 pm
PAMM account: this account is mainly for investors looking to invest their money in PAMM fund managers with Hotforex (without actually trading you). In this account you can invest in the forex without trading the evasion, you will invest in the portfolio of the fund manager. However, there is a great risk that this will be someone else’s trade instead of you. Type of HotForex Accounts
Overall, we found that Hotforex account types are very good with features such as night account protection and negative balance. They trade also very fast in execution. New traders in Nigeria, we recommend that you start your premium account as you can get. If you really want to spread low with it & you can even get the welcome bonus.
Two. Market execution: Hotforex is a 100% STP broker, so all orders are processed directly on the live market, no intervention or manipulation by the broker any ordermasiz. But can slip on the bottom, but I found it to be very rare with Hotforex.

I found their execution to be very fast,but other brokers like xm offer instant exeution.

3) protect any negative balance: Hotforex provides protection from negative balance. In the case of very high volatility in the markets, your account balance may be negative (unless you use stop loss). If you go into negative on your account balance, Hotforex will adjust to zero so you don’t have to bear additional damage!

A friend is a person who understands the past,

Nigeria has accepted and you can open a Nair account. Opening an account with them is as standard and accurate as any other broker. We signed their premium accounts (low distribution and enforcement).

You must do the following:

Step 1) compare all kinds of direct accounts and then select the account you want to start trading. Now we recommend you to open a premium account right away.

After you select an account, click open account. You are asked to “choose base currency” (you can choose USD, Euro or N. You can choose from Asstt. Then you need to fill out basic personal information. E full name, email address, country of residence and date of birth. Step 2) confirm your email address: after registering your Account, you can run your email address. Click on the link of this email to “run now”. This completes your basic registration.

Step 3) fill in the K-questions: in order to run your account completely hot logging, you will need to login to the client panel and you will need to fill out some basic K-question forms.

Step 4) upload proof of your ID and address for verification: after filling out the form, confirm your ID and confirm your address. With your ID card you can download a scan copy of your passport, driver’s license or any national ID card). Proof of address you may be scanned the latest (no more than 6 months) copy of the Bank statement or any utility bill.

That’s all. It checks your hot logging account 24-48 hours after you can receive these documents. Once you confirm your account, you can simply start trading on your first Deposit.

Hotforex Exhibitor platform

Hotforex broker is ideal for using Metatrader 4 and MT5 trading platforms. Hot agricultural products are web sales, desktop terminals, and mobile sales.

Merchants who prefer mobile trading have access to their mobile apps (iPhone and apps). There are also Hotforex, MT4 and MT5 platforms, which are delivered with very simple graphical tools.

In General, we do not pay more attention to the trading platform, because all regular brokers put there web and mobile platforms. We found a trading Exhibitor here very easily on the Hotforex platform.

Hotforexning symbols and funds

Agroforestry offers a variety of options from the point of view of methods of administration and production tools. The good thing is their Finance / wwwhdrawal methods that they should keep any fees and borrowing. Let’s take a deeper look at it.

Deposit method:
First, let’s analyze the Deposit methods. Agroforestation usually collects the amount of credit to your trading account quickly, without delay.

Nigeria Bank transfer (for 48 hours): hot logging-local version of Bank Deposit. If you want to choose this option, you must communicate with their chat support. The Fund will be calculated within 1-2 business days.
Nigerian credit / debit cards (this is almost recommended for Zoom): you can also add funds to a hot logging account via debit / credit cards. They can currently accept deposits with a number of credit cards, including Visa cards and even carve cards. Each of these cards has a minimum Deposit of $ 5. The maximum limit of transactions on the Visa card is $ 10,000, for Muslims – $ 7,500. Most of these deposits are processed on credit cards 10 minutes. Cozdans / Wikipedia (instant): if you don’t have a working map, then this option is recommended for you. For example, Wikipedia, that is, accepting Hotforex deposits through the Wikipedia belt or wallets. Neteller, Skrill, Webmoney and others. Most of these transactions are processed within one hour. The minimum Deposit limit for wallet and bitcoin is $ 5. this procedure is not charged. Ways to output tools:
Now, there are ways of getting wood that offer a variety of options to customers. It should also be noted that the source may require the cancellation of the financing method.

The release of funds is a bit slow here, but we haven’t been able to find a single user in terms of claims. Below are the options for issuing funds available to Nigerian traders.

Bank statement (recommended): in case of hot logging, you can request the issuance of funds with transfers from local banks. The minimum amount may require $ 100. All Bank transfers are processed within 1-3 business days. Hotforex is a method that does not charge any fees, but if we accept their chat to discuss tips for you, then any payment is on your Bank’s side.
Credit / debit cards: money can also be made with a credit / debit card that is used for financing. The minimum amount you can withdraw is $ 5 and the processing time is 5-7 days. You can only choose this method, as the payment can only be transferred to the same card if the financial resources are your card. In addition, the company cannot send to the customer’s credit card more than those placed in the original, so any additional funds are removed by other alternative means.
Wallet / Bitcoin (moments): you can get the money for bitcoin, hot logging wallet offers the perfect process to get the money.
According to our research, the company’s Deposit and withdrawal methods are better and they even support local Bank transfers (but they are a bit slower than some other RTM brokers). And withdrawals because they are realistic in this context.Hotforexning symbols and funds

Hotforex Bonus

Agroforestation-provides them with an important welcome bonus of 100% for all new traders who want to register. Volume is a sticky program based on agroforestation of hot clients available here.

100% Deposit bonus for new customers (recommended): the company offers an attractive bonus for its customers 100% welcome bonus. To get this offer, you must pay at least 30,000 to your trade balance. You may need your size to suit even the presented dice to get. If you want to sell bonuses, we recommend supporting them.
Demo contest: HotForex trader demo is an active “real virtual” demo contest that allows you to trade and win a real collection of $ 2000 1 for the winner. The biggest advantage of this advertising plan is that clients do not have any real risks, as they trade with demo, not their own funds. In addition, these promotions allow users to drag and drop their trading skills with demo accounts. The contest will last one month in each stage and the winners will be determined. This option provides an excellent opportunity for novice traders to get real trading money.
Saddles no reward: if you are a large size trader, this offer is attractive. Further active trading allows customers to purchase loyalty points depending on the size. These points can be converted into cash or trade balance.
We found out that agroforestation bonus is the best of all the brokers we still compared. We could find any permanent brokers that give Nigerian traders a good bonus.

Hotforex customer support

Hot bird support is available in English for Nigerian traders 24/7, easily.

We will check their support:

Very good chat: Hot Forest does not like to talk. Their chat is available 24/5 and answers to our questions were quick. We are very useful to them. Free phone number in Nigeria: train eagle is the basis for local telephone service and it is a free local phone number in Nigeria +234-706370519. so you can easily contact them by local phone number without any problems
Contact form / email: you can fill out the contact form on the Hotforex website or send an email to[at]hotforex[dot]Mon support. Usually we offer phone and live chat so that they respond within a few hours.
Customer support is really good.

We recommend you HotForex?
Yes, if you are looking for General regulators currency brokers that offer very good support in Nigeria, we offer very hot logging.

Low fees, too stable (fisfa, etc.), faster local deposits / withdrawals, strong support, we can say a lot!

For Forex, commodities, cryptos and other clients. Nigerian traders offer some incredible opportunities for HotForex on naira accounts.

Their 100% welcome Deposit bonus offer is almost equal.

Generally, the hot jungle in Nigeria is the # 2 Forex brokers on your review.

“Do you see the logging?” Share with the opinion below-good or bad-it really doesn’t matter as long as other products are effective!”

We only accept user reviews that have contributed to Nigerian commercial value. Unfortunately, all the comments you posted are posted on the site. To confirm your opinion, share with the broker a full and honest practice-positive or negative. Thank you for helping other merchants having your valuable feedback!


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