Best Forex Brokers in Nigeria for 2019


Forex and financial markets are a popular tool for trading investments. But choosing the right broker can be a daunting task.

In Nigeria, for example, there are many good brokers in developing countries, but this is far more than the brokerage market. Therefore, it is very bad to choose only a reliable Forex broker in Nigeria.

We help you find the best forex broker, compared to ten different industries that accept Nigerians and investors.They have different aspects of a given broker’s identity, broker overview, payment amount (even hidden fees), leverage, minimum deposit, methods of issuing and financing, and timing, etc.

The list of transactions under the Nigerian Position Project is actually what is needed;if you call a forex broker, it will quickly find a key that will allow you to compare opportunities.Brokers in Nigeria best 2019

6. No broker in Nigeria

Now I can use the time features, including 6 brokers in Nigeria trading fees and the trading or withdrawals, computer, contact support and a deposit (last 6 months).):

1.In generally, use the best forextime broker (or direct execution, low usage and know)

Forextime, or FXTM is the best forex broker in Nigeria, and is one of the few forex brokers that has a local office & phone number in Nigeria. Is it safe to Nigeria traders, as regulated under various outstanding territories such as the Uk, Cyprus and Belize. FXTM is our recommended forex broker for all Nigerian traders to.

FXTM is created in 2011 and is a FC a regulated forex broker. They offer several types of accounts, all of them? some can be funded in Naira & a very low minimum deposit requirements starting only ₦2000 with the Cent account. This makes the FXTM very good option for Nigerian dealers.

In addition to trading forex, FXTM also offer other instruments such as CFDs on Commodity Futures, and CFDs in place of metals, which makes it a very attractive option for traders looking to diversify their portfolio. They also have the new update of your currency range and now offers 57 Major & minor currency pair.

The most important thing that we look for the broker is your support and withdrawal speed, and FXTM beat the other hands of the brokers in this area.

FXTM broker offers local customer support in English & have 19 deposits and withdrawal options include many ways for Nigerian entrepreneurs, including of the deposits in the bank, and pay with the card. it even allows users to create a demo account to build your confidence and learn the art of trading. FXTM also offers a wide range of educational materials to their clients, including webinars transactions. FXTM Pros

FXTM is a highly regulated Forex broker, so trading with them is safe. Licensed in all parts of the world, with the main regulators FC (UK), FSCA & cysec has defined.
You can start trading with ₦2000 deposit, making it a good choice for new traders.
Smaller diffusion? for the more major and minor currency pair, including the EUR / USD with a NCS MT5 account.
Fast withdrawals in Nigeria.
Live Chat support available 24/7 & for a few hours, during the weekends. Their support is usually very good.FXTM Cons

FXTM has a little greater spread in their regular account. For ex. The EUR / USD with a standard account about 2 pips average, but still competitive.

2. Hotforex: regulated FKA, low spread and 100% Deposit bonus

Online is our most affordable broker in Nigeria. It is a great brokerage company that supports the local office and Nigeria (HPTA, mutual Funds, cca K). They are a broker each step, it is a very fair deal. Is that True that they play a very good role in all trade, Euro / selector and other large companies very little and they also apply excellent customer service. We offer hot water to the young merchants looking for cost effective brokers that are well regulated in Nigeria.

Fortex was founded in 2010.years. The financial regulation Commission (UK), in which case & in spite of the use of the power of the financial sector (South Africa), so we consider them as reliable brokers in Nigeria.

They have a minimum Deposit and just five dollars. in addition, they are very competitive: 0.3 zero account (1.2 premium and micro accounts), 0.8 minimum Deposit, 0.6 and small deposit (this can change depending on market fluctuations).

Actually, the online store offers a variety of platforms that can be accessed for Android, phone and through the desktop. Melttra 4 or Met entertainer 5 platforms, which are the most widely used trading system in the world, that you can trade.

Hot dry Bator also offers local banks and the savings of many wallets including the Nigerian retailers.

Forex Interest2. Hotforex: regulated FKA, low spread and 100% Deposit bonus

Forttex is a mediator that provides services to highly regulated organizations such as the Ministry of foreign Affairs, China, Korea. This guarantee of fair trade.
Very low requirement of savings in the amount of $ 5.
On the other hand, it is one of the smallest unit in the world. The general difference is about 0.3 of the zero point of the seed.
New customers of one hundred percent of the rewards are very attractive, a good rewards program for existing customers.
Mobile phones turning to the domestic money to the Nigerian buyers. You will be able to chat to Funds to your local Bank.
Excellent support you can chat, phone and email.
The Pain At The Pump

The minimum savings requirements 30,000 yen to take advantage of new stocks for customers ‘ savings. But this requirement is less.

3. XM forex: fast order execution and tight spreads

XM Forex first, in the best of its kind. If you are looking vir’n broker regulated bied’n 100% order execution in less than 1 second, with a low spread, free research, multi-platform support and a wide variety of trading tools, then XM is one of the best. The only downside of XM is that they nie’n regional office in Nigeria.

XM Group was established in the year 2009 as the “trading point of Financial Instruments Limited”. They are regulated by the CySEC (trading point of Financial Instruments Limited) since 2015 and by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (asic443670) since 2013.

XM broker offers 55 foreign exchange currencies on its platform, as well as more than 350 CFD instruments. With international live webinars provided by brokers, the free training and education for dealers, you can find out about successful forex trading.

XM has three, and the use of. Their EUR / USD spread as low as 0.8 pips and ultra-low account is one of the best in the industry. So they do not charge any commission with any trading account.

Nog’n advantage is that they do not have to re-pick up policy. 99.35% of the Xm commands are executed a second time, and the company has nie’n strict re-quote policy, so fast execution is to be covered on XM.

XM broker can do it on your way. The interface is very user friendly and can be accessed on desktop, mobile devices, as well as on the web.


XM is regulated by the 2 above rules, namely the CySEC (license number 120/10) and ASIC (license number 443670) in Australia.
XM has a very competitive spread with ultra-low account (0.8 pips for EUR/USD). That spread is about 1.7 pips for the EUR/USD, micro and standard account.
Quick withdrawals, the negative balance of protection and a very fast execution of commands.
XM has a harmonious Boss every day 24/7.
XM disability

XM has no local office in Nigeria and they do not offer local bank deposit options. It should not worry, because the XM’s a highly known broker.

4.Exness: very low costs, local deposits / withdrawals

Exness is No. 4 on our list of Forex brokers recommended by a Nigerian trader. Exness group is a designated dealer in the UK and EU. They offer a labor market (but it is very fast), the most competitive spread, such as 0.3 pips for each EUR / USD (mini account), and another pair, minus a $1 Deposit, a variety of Deposit options and a quick article; it can also offer local Bank deposits in Nigeria. We recommend very fast operation and very narrow distribution.

Exness was founded in 2008 and is one of the largest brokers by trading volume. It is regulated by the United Kingdom financial conduct Authority (FCA) under licence number 730729 and CySEC under licence number 178/12.

Exness has a wide range of marketing tools to choose from over 120 large and small currency pairs. In addition, Exness you can trade on the advanced MetaTrader 5 platform, which also has news.

In addition, Exness offers a wide distribution of its three main types of accounts. A bit of total money starts at 0.1, which is very lower than other advanced controllers in the market. Exness does not charge a fee for two types of accounts.

The broker provides users with the latest financial news and technical analysis charts so you can be a good investment. In addition, customer service is available 24×5 in eight languages and 24/7 in three languages. Another key feature is that withdrawals can be made immediately upon request.

Company Exness Pro

Exness is the most popular proxy server, which is strictly regulated by the UK and EU.
Very low diffusion which is similar to 0.3 pips for EUR / USD before its mini account.
Only $ 1 Deposit for cent & Mini account.
Local Bank deposits are available in Nigerians. Other financing options include credit / debit cards and e-wallets.
Full withdrawal options are available for discarding bags.
Their support is very good, and feedback.
The problem exness

The company can very well offer sign up bonuses for new traders and loyalty programs for customers.4.Exness: very low costs, local deposits / withdrawals

5. Avatrade: Fixed Spread Mediator

The market is wide-ranging representatives of the European powers. They offer 1.3 CDTI spread for EUR / USD.

FX Pro

Markets have hung with Paris and game booster.
This increases the risk of someone, they y would remain the same regardless of market conditions or the time of day you trade.
Exchange charges zero fees for deposits, loans
Support local phone number available for Nigeria only
Preview of the chief

The market is not restricted to the high level of coverage (ft) fuels.
The role of development assistance are only available during General business hours.
A little higher a couple of little attractive to foreign parties.

6. Alpari

24×7 customer support and multi-platform support is a great choice for Nigerian traders. Investors are also very low deposits and very competitive spreads to like.

Alpari was founded in 1998 and is the sixth best forex broker in one of 2019 in Nigeria. It offers a variety of financial products including Forex,difference contracts,spot metals and stocks. The broker provides its services on both MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 platforms.

Alpari has six different account types, the minimum deposit is all low zero Nano account. With Alpari, you can also trade crypto currencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. Brokers do not accept premium fees for va deployments. What’s Alpha?

In addition to the above, Alpari offers various promotions and bonus plans for new and existing users. This gives them a really interesting choice. Another important feature is Alpari technical support is available 24X7,you can contact them anytime you need help.

Benefits of Alpari

Alpari is one of the oldest forex brokers with over 2 million customers.
Wide range of deposit and withdrawal options.
Very low minimum deposit from just 0.
There are local offices in Nigeria and the Cyprus securities and Exchange Commission(CySEC)is regulated.
Alpha-Cannes Center

Volatility is high during the re-quote. We recommend you to have a protective stop loss&take a profit level during Hot News.
It is no longer regulated by the UK’S FCA and the US’S NFA. In addition, the FCA was previously fined.

How to choose the best Forex broker in Nigeria

Reviews compared to other sites, sign up with us and really look at this broker platform, help and more.

When we signed up with the broker, we started them writing checklists, and some other policies can’t raise open ‘ terms so it was.

One of the spring powers which were values compared to our broker gives letter&regulation in Nigeria, knows many financial centers such as USA, UK, Cyprus, South Africa, Nigeria since is not….

Then we look at the broker’s platform, collect, time and convenience, prices and holding, help the client (chat, phone or email and no). Based on everything we watch, the cost is 10.

The list of trusted brokers review here all 5-points.

1. Rules
There are different rules of forex brokers. The position is just that, there is nothing for traders to lose money from work such as their own scams, manipulations and from realtors. This money is also normal, depositing broker if there is any trader at all. The regulator has kept this money in the till, as well as irregularities in the security check, invites realtors with this. I think the main body of management is the law of trade and services of this broker.

Therefore, if you are looking for a forex broker, if you will look, brokers license and registration. Also, checking or broker the previous point mark was forbidden to sit with you fine. The best broker is the one who tends to offer investors the room was a clean and clean story.

2. The reputation of the broker and reviews
Check out the availability of great value other religions brokers and reviews. There are many sites available online review brokers (including USA) can give reviews about the broker. Other than that, another way is to ask all brokers traders. The broker can send them to you what you need and to get rid of things you can walk away from them.

To analyze and compare the information in them is based the reputation of the broker reviews of doctors, know which broker to choose.

3. Sell platform
You will be careful, look to install broker trading platform broker other religions. In a word, a good broker, gives you the opportunity to access your multi-platform company, if there is something to sell, anywhere in the world in any of the under construction anywhere.

There are some brokers that allow you to trade only through the web interface only. It is always best to choose a broker with a mobile interface as well So that you can remove from your phone.

Broker is the best commodities i.e. MT4 & 5 charts, we can make changes to our with it from the list. Foreign Exchange has its own things and includes many features such as graphics, proven technique, news, consultants, experts and built several rooms.

4. To use transactions (payment of housing no;)
There is another important factor brokerage fees, including can be. The broker collects a lot of money, as above cash Sell, the price turned around, deposits in high rates/etc.

It is very important to collect the best various studies that can charge your broker.

You choose the broker that offers the lowest spread and money prices. The spread is the difference between the bid price and the bid price in the currency. The lower the spread, the better you are, because you will pay less broker to trade went.

5. Customers like it
This is one of the most important features of comparison brokers and where, at what time our clients, support standards matter. Never know when running/closed, any hit when needed, can collect or receive. The broker gives you a nice round clock good phone, chat and email for a week help.

In addition, brokers offer clients a service that is helpful and helpful. If you don’t want to, goodbye, and all the solution to your question you really need-quickly enough departs. The best brokers offered by us will help multiple languages according to the terms of a good phone, chat and email address.


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